SCCBA MCLE: Electronic Evidence: How to Get It, and What to Do with It

September 20, 2016

James McManis and Christine Peek will serve on a panel about the law  and potential strategies  concerning eDiscovery and the use of electronic evidence at trial. Additional panelists will include Magistrate Judge of the Northern District Court Nathanael Cousins,  Superior Court Judge Pete Kerwin, and Josh Gilliland of Majority Opinion Ltd. Panelists will discuss basic competency issues, compare federal and state law, and explore strategies to preserve, obtain, and ultimately use electronic evidence at trial. This CLE will look at the entire lifecycle of electronic evidence – from capturing electronic data to displaying it for a jury.  Tyler Atkinson will serve as Moderator.  Event will be held at the SCCBA Seminar & Conference Center, San Jose from 6 to 8 P.M.